Enjoy Graton Resort and Casino Events

Graton is famous for its annual Christmas Eve events. You can expect an all night event at the Graton Resort and Casino that everyone in the city of Temecula loves to attend. When you choose to vacation at the Graton Resort and Casino, you will find that there are many activities you can participate in. You can relax on your cruise or play some mini golf while enjoying the Graton Christmas Eve parties.

graton resort and casino events

At the Graton Resort and Casino, you will find a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. They offer a multitude of restaurants that you can choose from and they have an arcade for those that enjoy video games. If you are more of the classic game player then you can choose to play the classic slots at the casino. The slot machines and parlors have exciting and fun games available to you. The casino also offers a variety of wine and beer to enjoy while you enjoy the Bingo nights.

The hotel has some of the best views in the area and this is a perfect place to spend your evening. After a long day of shopping or playing your favorite games, a night of dancing and celebration awaits you. Everyone in the city loves to visit the Christmas Eve events. The hotel is set up to accommodate all the guests that show up. There are enough rooms for everyone and the resort has an outdoor patio area with a fire pit that can accommodate up to two hundred people.

There are plenty of Graton events to choose from for you to enjoy during your time at the resort. You can take part in the all night Bingo or enjoy a dinner cruise to avoid the crowds. There are two restaurants and bars for you to enjoy and grab some appetizers before the big event.

You can take part in the all day afternoon event or enjoy the Bingo. After a long day, the Bingo nights are an amazing way to end your evening. If you need to unwind then you can take a relaxing massage at the spa. They have everything you need to feel rejuvenated they do. Enjoy a massage while sipping on a hot toddy.

You can see the whole town on Bingo night. Bingo night is held every Tuesday evening at the Graton Casino. The Bingo nights are full of exciting and fun games for you to enjoy. When you choose to go to the Bingo night, you can choose between two separate tables.

When you sit down, you can decide what you want to bet or wager, the jingle bell maracas, Chinese tongs, or the penny slots. Many people prefer to play the penny slots because it is one of the most fun and exciting games to play. This is the one where you are hoping the number matches the word. After all the bells are ringing, there is a prize and the winner gets the prize.

You can choose between a Classic Bingo or the Bingo for Winners. The Classic Bingo has all the excitement and fun of the traditional Bingo but without the physical exertion. This is great for people that cannot play the traditional Bingo night. When you win the Classic Bingo, you get the prize and the winner get his prize. The winner receives a bottle of champagne and some toys.