Graton Resort and Casino Hotel

The Graton Resort and Casino Hotel is a five star hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica, that offers excellent service and a wide variety of facilities. This is one of the top resorts that can offer you with an experience that you will not forget.

graton resort and casino hotel

Total Cost: $176+ million (including hotel, conference centre, pool and spa)

Graton has been around since 1930 and has grown into a major tourist destination in Jamaica. This hotel has a number of unique features such as its indoor pool, Jacuzzi, fitness centre and a spa. This hotel is also known for offering world class food and services.

Hotel: The hotel is located on a beautiful beach in Jamaica. This hotel has been designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of visitors and their budget. You can find everything you need in this hotel including a restaurant, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, fitness centre, restaurants, bars and much more.

Spa: This is one of the best spas in Jamaica, which is also popular among tourists. You can find a wide range of treatment options at the Spa, which is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. The resort has a number of beauty salons, as well as an art gallery. If you want to know more about this spa, then you can consult your travel agent or visit the site itself.

Amenities: There are plenty of facilities available at this hotel in Jamaica. These include: conference rooms, leisure and fitness centres, and restaurants and bars. A lot of tourists prefer to stay here because it is affordable, beautiful, and offers all the services you could expect from a top level luxury resort.

Amenity Packages: You can save a lot of money when you book for a package deal with your guests, which makes it easy for them to travel together. Most guests come here together with their families and they often get discounts for booking their packages together. There are also discounted rates on activities and tours if you book them separately. This means that you can have a discount on activities and tours even if you are not staying with your family.

Food: Most of the meals are served by the staff, and many of them are prepared by the chefs. The food is served in very good quality and the food is very fresh. You can even enjoy free food delivered every day.

Nightlife Scene: Montego Bay is full of fun and excitement for all its visitors. There are a number of live bands and musicians that make the nightlife scene in Montego Bay more exciting. There are a number of local and international bands that are very popular. You will also find a number of shows from the top DJ’s and performers.

You will get a variety of activities to choose from while you are in Jamaica. There are activities to keep you busy at the beach or in your room, activities that can make your trip a memorable one. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, then you should consider staying at the Graton Resort and Casino Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica.